Ayumi Miyakawa絵馬絵師

宮川あゆみ / 絵馬画師
幼少の頃から楽描きに目覚め 2004年からLive Paint、Artwork制作など彩画による視覚的表現を展開
また、様々なアーティストのCDジャケット等のアートワークや 壁画製作、グループ展や個展等も勢力的に行っている。
Live Paint活動も盛んに行っており、ライブペイントバトルLive Paint DOJO 2014 にて 優勝、パイオニア賞受賞。
The awakening to graffiti from a young age.
Announce a visual representation(Live Paint,Art work production) in colourful paint from 2004
Also, Held a position at the Shinto shrine.
Profession is “Draw ema at the dedicated for shrine”
I provide CD jacket art work for many artists.and Mural artworks,solo exhibitions, group exhibitions activity.
I continues to actively the live paint.
This year is the 10th year since I became painter.
I won the first prize and Pioneer award in the Live paint DOJO 2014.
I want to connect the heaven and this world by Love and Beauty born from ART