x Katsuya Presents

ONE NIGHT ONLY / N’Dea Davenport Birthday


2017.09.23 (SAT)

Basecamp x Katsuya Present One Night Only
— N’Dea Davenport Birthday —

Sep 23 2017
Open 8pm- 4am
Door 2000yen + 1 Drink (invited guest,FB RSVP 1500yen + 1 Drink)

・Sophian Whayeb
・Johnny Massacre
・Sonny B.
・-Open Mic – Staik(MC) Katsuya Everywhere (Bass) + Zeru (Guitar) + N’Dea Davenport (Drums)
・(the) ocean and i
and more
DJs :
・Jayda B.
・dj100proof (from LA)
and more

If you press the participation button 500 yen discount!!
One Night Only
ONE NIGHT ONLYは音楽プロデューサーKATSUYAがプロデュースする、毎回さまざまな分野で活躍するスペシャルゲストアーティストや、これから新しい何かをはじめようとするアーティストをむかえ、ライブ演奏とDJセッション、ライブアートパフォーマンスとオーガニックフードなど、常に新しい独創的な何かをトライする、まさに”One Night Only”なコラボレションイベントです。
O ne Night Only is produced by a music producer, Katsuya, which is a collaboration event by special guest artists in various fields and artists who want to take up something new. It is literally a “One Night Only” collaboration event where we constantly achieve something new and creative. The party comes with live band,DJ,Art performances, organic food, and etc.

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